Meditation for Beginners

Meditation has a lot of benefits to ones life especially the mind. People will always have different reasons to meditate, from finding calmness, to finding sense of grounding, to quelling your internal chatter, or just to know yourself better. Whatever your reasons are, as a beginner it can be quite challenging to begin meditation and stay focused. This article is divided into four parts that will guide you in meditation as a beginner.

Meditation Space

Choosing a basic meditation

First, you need to understand the real purpose of your meditation. We all have different reasons, and you should try not to have a complicated reason. Purposely, meditation is about relaxing ones mind and trying to avoid getting caught up in the daily anxieties.

Secondly, one has to choose an easy yet simple meditation program that will introduce him or her to the benefits of the meditation. Avoid complex poses or lying down in places you often fall asleep as you need to stay alert.

Prepare yourself psychologically

To meditate you need to be very alert, having an alert mind plays a vital role in meditation. Ensure that you are free from non-prescribed drugs or alcohol for at least 24 hours. It is easier to start meditation when on an empty stomach, but you can wait for two hours after a full meal for digestion to complete, digestion can sometimes be distracting to perform meditation. Smoking is harmful to your health, if you do smoke its best to wait for about thirty minutes before you begin meditation. Prior to meditation ensure that you are comfortable, wear something comfortable. You can remove your shoes then loosen any clothing that you might feel are uncomfortable or tight.

Prepare the meditation space

You know need to choose some restful spot, as a beginner you ought to ensure that you have a space that is peaceful and quiet it is very critical if you are to achieve any success in your first meditation. You should ensure that your phone will not interfere in any way; you can always turn it off or turn the silence mode on and place it somewhere hidden. Make you meditation space pleasant; one can use a bouquet of flowers, a scented candle, or something that pleases you as this enhances your first meditation. If you will be using the candles then you can turn off the light otherwise ensure you dim the lights as you would not want to come out of the meditation and get bombarded with bright lights. It is always advised that you sit upright; one can always use pillows/cushions his or her back and head.

Begin meditation

Now this is the part where you begin your meditation. You have to sit still in the position you chose. Just be mindful of the breath, your mind will always try to wonder around which is a normal thing for a beginner you should just ensure that you always come back to your breath.

– Make deep breaths in and out.

– Be aware of the special physical sensation that one experiences when having deep in and out breaths

– Breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth

– You can also notice the stillness that exists just before and after every breath.

As a beginner keeping focus while in meditation is quite hard, but this should not discourage you. For some you will need practice repeatedly to master. Some use counting methods to regain the focus, though if overdone one can replace the focus on breath with the one of counting, and when such occurs re supposed to stop immediately.

You are a beginner and you shoulder not expect miracles, many beginners get frustrated meditating as they expect the technique to work immediately. You need to be patient and persistent and one day your awareness will shift and you will feel you want such experience.

Practice and perseverance is key meditation is not fitted into a schedule, everything happens at the right time. Though you can increase your chances by meditating with others

As they say practice makes practice, as a beginner you should ensure that you meditate daily. Make it short daily meditation as it is quite productive compared to the long infrequent ones. Make it a habit to achieve successful results.

In conclusion, the above are simple steps that a beginner can implement to help him or her begin meditation easily.

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